Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Name, New Opportunity

Green and rose cowl neck vest
Plum and orangy cowl neck vest
As you have probably noticed, I have changed the name of my blog. There are just too many businesses named Cameron's Creations, and when I had to pick a name for my little business, I couldn't use it. So my next choice is Cameron's Threads. It will take some getting used to, as I have used the other for so long informally. Oh well, life goes on.

After the show in Sisters, Oregon, my friend, Sandee went into a boutique carrying the purse I had given her. It happened to be one that I had made. The woman in the store wanted to know where it had come from and Sandee told her about me. (Nothing like having friends to brag about your work.) So the woman, Janet wanted to see more. Her wonderful store is called Ma Valise. She buys things outright from artists to sell in her store, and bought 2 purses and 3 scarves from me. I was quite pleased. (It is still hard for me to believe that people like my work. Is that a woman thing?) We began talking about First Wednesday, a time when stores downtown do special little things for customers, and provide entertainment and refreshments in order to get people to come down to shop. Janet asked me if I would like to be her artist for First Wednesday. I told her that yes I would love to do that.

Again I had a dilemma, as I had very few things left after the Sisters show, leaving things in the gallery, giving things to friends, etc. So I have been producing like mad. But pressure sometime helps the creative juices, we'll see. These are some of the vests and jackets I have made for First Wednesday. This one has striped black and gray crinkled silk lining, collar and hood. It looks better than the pictures show.

                                                                   Have a fun Halloween.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Vests For the Gallery

 Teri, who owns the Don Terra Artworks  in Sisters, Oregon, asked me to make more vests for the gallery. I made three of them last week, putting a lot of yummy silk, yarn and fun wool embellishments into them. The pictures don't show the colors as well as I would like even though I hung them on my fence in the back yard giving the pictures natural light. They look really cute on, even on my overly chubby body. I had a lot of fun picking out the color and shape of the buttons for each one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wearable Art In Gallery

While I was at the show this weekend, I met a woman who owns an art gallery in Sisters, Oregon. She asked me if I would like to have some of my garments in her gallery and I said yes.
They also have a website:
I am still working on getting my pictures into the artist directory, but it is happening. There are many artists represented. Please visit.

Friday, October 15, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Thank you so much to the 13 people who entered the drawing on my blog and to the wonderful women who mentioned it, Julie, Sue and Heather. You are all much appreciated. (Please do not forget to go to Heather's blog as she is also having a drawing. I won a fantastic clutch in her last drawing and I love it.)
My drawing was very fair though my husband did not draw the names, I did. I held the boxes way over my own head and drew out a name from one box and then an article from the other box. And the winners are... Drum roll please...

Julie has won the flapper dress. Congratulations Julie.
 Fiona has won the pink lace dress with the big bow in the back.  Fiona please email me your address. My email address will be at the bottom of this post.
Jan has won a scarf. Jan I have a couple of scarves put aside so tell me what colors you like. Do you tend toward purples or more autumn colors?

Lucretia has won a purse. I will also need your address.
And Barb has won a scarf. Barb, you also have a choice between purples or autumn colors. Please let me know.
I will be having another drawing some time soon as I really enjoy them. Please make sure that I have your address if you won this time. Thanks to all of you and I will be getting your goodies out to you as soon as possible. Hugs to all.
Cameron's email:

Pink lace dress

sample purse
Flapper dress

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun Weekend At the Fair

The dress for the day.
 The weather forecast for Sisters, Oregon was rain and showers and we got them. My friends and I arrived Friday evening, checked into our motel and then waited like everyone else for the time to set up our awning. I have to say that we were an amazing team. The awning went up without a hitch, and set up was smoother than I would have imagined. However, come Saturday, the first day of the fair, the rain came in. We had small breaks in the downpour, but it never really stopped. By mid day Saturday we had a small creek and lake forming in our awning. But we had a great time playing dress up with everyone, and the day went very well.

Many people turned out despite the rain. If you are an Oregonian, you would never go anywhere if you let rain stop you.
Puddle of rain inside awning.

Saturday it never stopped
raining, but people came out.

She just got her hat and loved
the "jackety shawls."

A very satisfied customer.
Sunday was a real treat. The sun came out and dried off the pavement.

People were so complimentary about the garments that it was almost embarrassing. By the end of the day I was offered room in an artists gallery, which I accepted.

 Now I  have to get my act together, make more garments, and organize pictures for on line sales. What great fun, to make some money doing what I love.

Now I am ready for the drawing that I promised to have after the fair. I have two lace dresses and a couple of my articles for the drawing. 

I want at least 10 people to sign up for the drawing. If you are interested, please blog. 
Let your blogger friends know about this.
 Love and Hugs to all of you who offered me such wonderful support for the fair. I had such a great time!!!

Pink lace dress
 Here are the two dresses modeled by my sister and sister in law.
They might actually be worn or taken apart for the lace.

My felted articles will be a surprise.

White lace flapper style.