Monday, December 5, 2011

Scarves, A Coat, and The Clay Ball

Many thanks to my Blogger Buddies for all the support and kindnesses that you have extended to me during these difficult times. I really appreciate you!!!

You have probably guessed by now that I have given up on the idea of a contest for now. This is just too busy a time of year for most of us and I think that my idea was too "spur of the moment" and brought about by my grief. I will think of another contest after the holidays. It will be one that is a little more "sane" and a little easier to do. I do like to do participation types of contests.

Lately, I have been working on getting myself excited about projects again. I have started with
felting, making fabric for a dress for the next "Clay Ball." I have also made 9 scarves for my sister for her staff for Christmas presents. The 3 above are some of them. They are nuno, light weight, for evenings in LA. My sisters are some of my greatest supporters.

I have also been working on making a very red coat. It has been so fun. It reminds me of something that a flapper would wear during the 1920s. I usually make things by feel, not using a pattern, and that is how this was made. You might say, "Yes, that's how it looks." Oh well, I like it.

I made it with my vintage black lace (surprise) merino wool, and inlaid silk.

I want to go to the Clay Ball again this year, and I already have my donations ready. Now all I have to do is to have them accepted. Last year I got into the Live Auction, the first piece of wearable art to ever be accepted. This year I have to live up to that, we'll see.  At any rate I am giving two pieces to the auction, a coat, not this one, a prettier one, and a jacket.

And then there is the garment that I am going to wear, I think. I have felted maroon felt over some black lace to make a top, a skirt and a cape. The top is to the left, and the detail of the cape is to the right. You are looking at a side view of the top, at the sleeve. It has lace over netting with beads sewn on, and a lace cuff and collar. The garment is vintage looking. I say I think that I will wear it because it is warm and I will have to see what the temperature is like the day of the Clay Ball.

Again thanks you lovely bloggers. Love and hugs to all. Love to hear from you. Sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you about the contest.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mourning and Celebration

My father went in for hip replacement surgery the Monday before the Thursday that I had my heart surgery. His surgery went very well, and from the hospital he went to rehabilitation. Being a stubborn 89 year old man, he decided to go home early. He did many things he was not supposed to, such as climbing upstairs to get into bed instead of sleeping in the bed that was set up for him downstairs. On about the third night that he had been home he fell down the stairs and could not be resuscitated for a long time. It turned out that he had had a very bad heard attack and a small stroke. Later testing showed that he had many health issues that we were not aware of and that quickly brought on his death. Needless to say my father's death has been a huge source of pain for all of us. However, his life is also a celebration. As much as I will miss him I am so glad that he did not suffer with illness for a long time. He lived to be 89 years old in very good health, his hip only bothering him for the last year. He had a life rich in love, belief, value and life experience. He was a very generous man. He will always be with me and I will always love him.

I've had an idea for a contest, but I want to hear from some of you whether you think I am crazy. I think that I have been writing about sadness so much lately, because that's what's been happening in my life. I want to turn things around a little.

 In the late 1800s, early 1900s women wore mourning clothing in black. Many of them were quite beautiful. I thought that it would be fun to have a contest in which contestants would make up a "celebration shawl" instead of mourning clothes.  It could be made of any kind of fiber material, fabric, felted cloth, paper mached, etc. It has to be life size, and it has to have a "life celebration" theme. As with the last contest, you would take 3 very good pictures of your shawl and send them to me.

There would be 2 rewards, 2 lace shawls that I have made. One shawl made of black lace, and one made with white lace.

Before starting this contest I want to hear what you think and I want some questions. Does this make sense? Am I crazy? Please be honest. If I don't hear anything I will get the point!
Love and Hugs, Cameron

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing With Mixed Media

I can't believe that it has been 3 weeks since my surgery, but in this instance I am so happy that time has gone by quickly. Thank you for you positive thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts. 

Prior to surgery I knew that I wouldn't be doing any felting for a while due to restrictions on pulling, twisting, weight carrying limitations, etc. So  I decided that I would gather up a few old materials and get back into making a few journals- my old materials being some old papers I had made a while back, and some journal covers that I made last Christmas. I also went on line and started buying a few paints and inks and other this and that's. I decided that I "deserved" a few treats since I was going to suffer an operation.

 I have many great materials that lend themselves to making mixed media collage journals, but I find that I am not very good at putting those together. I wish that I had the talent of my blogger buddy Sue, Heloise.

As soon as I got home I began trying to use my paints, but I was so weak that I could only stay out of bed for a short time. I pushed myself too hard many times and ended up exhausted. All I was trying to do was paint a piece of paper. I will never take my health for granted again! I did notice that each day my strength grew, and my endurance lengthened. This is still lengthening. The painting is fun and has turned out to be a good way to spend time while recuperating.

My paper
Journal cover

With this blog I mainly want to say hello. My painted papers aren't that much to see, just something to do until I can get back to felting, but I  want to touch bases with my blogger buddies and say thanks for being there.
Love and Hugs, Cameron

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out of the Box and Scheduled

1800s Womens' Vest
I have shared many of my treasures with my blogger buddies that I got from the lace auction, but this is one of the treats that I found. There were several beaded fabrics and this nestled among the black lace when I started going through all of it. The black lace was wonderful enough, but coming across this, WOW! Let me know what you think. Yes, it has quite a bit of damage, but given how I am going, I sure wouldn't look this good if I ever got to its age, whatever that is.
Back of Vest
More pictures:

Close up of bead work

This is my mannequin, not me. I never did look this good.

This vest is for sale on Ebay for anyone interested. Spread the word. So far it is not getting any interest. So sad.

My surgery is set for September 22. Please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts.
Love and hugs to all, Cameron

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Belated Thank Yous and Making Progress

First of all and very important, let me say a belated thank you to all my blogger buddies for your wonderful support during what is a difficult time, my husband, Gary's unexpected heart surgery. Thank you Jan for the beautiful heart pin, it has cheered my spirits. It is a real work of art.

 Gary is on the mend and doing well. It is hard to believe that he left the hospital two weeks ago. We start rehab. next week, 3 times a week.

While Gary was undergoing surgery, I escaped into my own world by beading my vintage flapper goodies onto a felt jacket that I was making for a woman for her son's wedding. This kept my mind off of worrying the whole time, which does no good at all (worrying.)  I will take a picture of her with her jacket and necklace on once she is all decked out. I made her necklace also.

Garden Lady by Cindy
An elf riding a turtle
A teapot
Before Gary realized that his heart was at risk, he and my son Bryan had torn out part of our deck and we had great plans to make a courtyard out of our backyard. Since going to Paris I have loved courtyards. Well, one doesn't carry sand, gravel and pavers after having major heart surgery, and we weren't going to hire anyone to carry out our plans. So this will have to wait until next year. I am going to have heart surgery also, we have known that since early May. Gary's was the surprise. How many couples do you know who have both had major heart surgery within a couple of months of each other? Crazy life...

In the meantime, I am enjoying our flowers. I have gotten into my own form of "garden art." I have gotten lots of metal things, figures, antigues, candle holders, old pottery, etc. and put it in with the flowers and let them grow up around the stuff. Come winter it will probably look like a junk yard, so I will gather it in and replant it next spring. Next spring will bring a lot of new things,

A torn up deck
A garden path
Where the hostas grow
An old oil can
Old metal shoes
Much love and many hugs for all of you,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Life Happens When You Are Planning Other Things"

I am finally getting around to showing you how wonderful Maggi looks in her new jackety-shawl. Sorry that it took me so long to show your wonderful picture, Maggi.  
  My life was interrupted big time when my husband developed chest pains which evolved into quadruple bypass surgery. I was reminded of the words to the song God Laughs by Delta Goodrem. The chorus is:
 "We're all walking in quicksand, 
When we're busy making our plans,
God Laughs." 
The song is a bit cynical but often so true.

 To keep myself marginally sane, I have been making jackets for the holidays, putting vintage lace and fun vintage appliques on them. 

Love and hugs to all,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful Artistry and a Fun Contest

A little over a month ago I started a contest to make a shawl pin. I had several people express interest, and I mailed out small clamps  from Home Depot. A few folks could not finish the pin due to health issues or vacation plans, but I did get back 7 entries, and they are fantastic!!!   I asked artist friends of mine to do the judging, a very hard job. The judging criteria were creativity and wearability. The winner is Maggi. I have the artist's permission to show their work. You will see how difficult the decision was.

 Maggi has won a jackety-shawl from me, but they have all won my admiration, thanks, and many, many hugs. Love, Cameron



The human mind and imagination are truly amazing.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can't Wait

As it draws closer to the end of this month I grow more excited to show the results of this more than month long contest to make a shawl pin/clamp. The results so far are fantastic. The artists have put this blogger to shame. What creativity!!!

 I have decided to have 3 of my artist friends do the judging as "blind judges," and to pull myself out of that role. I will just be the one to give away the prize.  If that sounds like a "cop out", I am doing it because I have blogged with some of the artists far longer than others and I don't want any feelings to get in the way. My friends will never know anything about anyone, just see the pin. Remember the criterion are creativity and wear-ability.

I have heard from many of the contestants that they have had a lot of fun with this. I have had a blast.

Love and hugs to all, and get those pictures in, right up to the last minute.
Many, many hugs, Cameron

Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Fair and New Friends

Picture by Reathel Geary
I had so much fun at the Salem Art Fair, met wonderful people and sold several of my garments. I have no real comparison for whether or not I did "well" monetarily, but I am happy with the results. I learned a lot about what I would do the same to set up my tent space and what I would change, because we are going to do this again at several stops in Oregon.

Picture by Reathel Geary
Picture by Reathel Geary
My fellow emerging artist was next door, a photographer named Reathel Geary. He took many of the photos that I will show you here on my blog. The one in the left upper corner is his, and he got this result using his iPhone. The next two are also great shots of women in my garments, one the artist on the other side of me, the curly headed one, my niece. I think that Reathel is going to make a name for himself in the world of photography, as you can see. Marcia, on the left is a painter. I now have one of her paintings, what a beauty.

Good ol' Oregon. On Sunday it started raining seriously and my tent started dripping. Even the more expensive tents were having a few issues. Instead of that open, inviting look that you want to draw people in, everything was crammed into the tent to keep in out of the rain. Then the drips got it, I mean the rain drips, there were no people drips. I didn't need to worry about having enough room as there weren't any people around anyway. This picture shows how my tent looked for most of the morning.

A woman came in with her friend and her silly brother. The brother tried on one of my capes and said that I could take his picture for my blog. As you can see he was very dramatic. I think that he is destined for Hollywood. His sister came back 3 more time and on the fourth time purchased a jackety-shawl.
Also on the last day a woman came in who turned out to be a fellow felter. We started talking and she showed me some of the great characters that she creates out of felt and other media. Her name is Claudia Knous and she can be found on a site called She also makes scarves that are wonderful. As we talked I found out that she had just ridden in a bicycle race that my sister in law usually rides in, and yes out of all the people who ride in the race, she knew my sister in law and my brother. She had given my sister in law, Paula, a scarf tthat  Paula had then given to me. This was the scarf that had gotten me started felting, and this was the woman who had made that scarf.dhamatic. R

How likely was it that this woman would come from a bicycle race in Portland, 45 miles away, on a rainy Sunday and visit my tent. She lives in Nevada. I can only think that "God, the universe, fate, etc." whatever you believe, has plans for all of us. I was thrilled to meet her, my inspiration, and I want to stay in touch.e

Enough for now about the fair.
I have 2 contest entries so far. I won't post anything until the end of the month. I hope that all is going well, let me know.
Thanks for all of your support. Love and hugs, Cameron