Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Life Happens When You Are Planning Other Things"

I am finally getting around to showing you how wonderful Maggi looks in her new jackety-shawl. Sorry that it took me so long to show your wonderful picture, Maggi.  
  My life was interrupted big time when my husband developed chest pains which evolved into quadruple bypass surgery. I was reminded of the words to the song God Laughs by Delta Goodrem. The chorus is:
 "We're all walking in quicksand, 
When we're busy making our plans,
God Laughs." 
The song is a bit cynical but often so true.

 To keep myself marginally sane, I have been making jackets for the holidays, putting vintage lace and fun vintage appliques on them. 

Love and hugs to all,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful Artistry and a Fun Contest

A little over a month ago I started a contest to make a shawl pin. I had several people express interest, and I mailed out small clamps  from Home Depot. A few folks could not finish the pin due to health issues or vacation plans, but I did get back 7 entries, and they are fantastic!!!   I asked artist friends of mine to do the judging, a very hard job. The judging criteria were creativity and wearability. The winner is Maggi. I have the artist's permission to show their work. You will see how difficult the decision was.

 Maggi has won a jackety-shawl from me, but they have all won my admiration, thanks, and many, many hugs. Love, Cameron



The human mind and imagination are truly amazing.