Sunday, July 1, 2012

And the Winners Are...

Drum roll please. Each step in the process gets documented
for the sake of security.

Ten names are written on pieces of paper,  folded
tightly and placed in a bowl.

Husband is asked to draw out two names as the
bowl is held over his head so that he cannot see
the papers.
Cameron unfolds the first name and the winner is

The two papers are handed securely to Cameron.

Cameron unfolds the second piece of paper
and the winner is AUDREY!!!

Audrey and Fiona have each won a hat and now must send me an email link so that we
can discuss head size. I am not great at this, but I'll give it my best shot. Don't take that literally ladies, if you don't use that expression, means I'll try very hard to get it right. But I think you know that. 
Thank you so much for your participation in my contest all of you. This has been so much fun. I will be having more contests in the coming weeks, so stay on board. 

Also, I have started a new felting hobby. I want you to meet some new friends. Coming soon. For now, many hugs for all of you, Cameron