Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some New Fabric and Some Leftover Pieces

Light weight for summer evening.

 While at the Clay Ball I met many wonderful people, and I met a very nice woman who asked me to make her a garment for a wedding. She gave me her card and I agreed to call her after the Ball. Since that time we have met and talked about the style of garment she would like and the colors. She has expanded her wishes to include an evening jacket of some kind also. This is wonderful because she has presented me with an opportunity to be creative and challenged at the same time. The fabric above is the first one that I made, the one right below is the second. They are, of course, very different, one heavy more for autumn, winter, the other for a summer evening. I have beautiful silks to add to both of them. The third one is much lighter again, for evenings during the summer.

I also made 2 fabrics using pieces that I had. We are meeting next week and she has invited a friend who likes  different colors than she does. I thought that it would be fun to have a variety of different things to look at. I included a couple of pictures of layout and how I put the rovings around the silk and prefelt. The picture reminds me of a tide pool at the coast. Again I am having too much fun.
Hugs for all my "blogger buddies."
Heavy nuno for autumn or winter.

Lighter weight for summer evening.
Using up pieces.
Adding the roving


  1. How exciting! You are turning into a real fashion designer, Cameron! Congratulations!!
    Hugs right back at 'ya!!

  2. what a great opportunity to make something special, i love your fabrics and am looking forward tosee the end result:)

  3. Cameron...what a change in colors last couple of months you made.
    Love it.
    Sorry for coming by so little but my mother is diagnosed with Alzheimers and it was very heavy, busy and painful.
    She's safe in a beautiful home now and I hope life will be more organised now for us.

  4. Beautiful colours. Good luck with the commission.

  5. Oh my Cameron! This is fantastic! I am thrilled for you and can not wait to see where this all takes you. Congratulations!