Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Contest

I spent a lot of time looking for shawl pins that would go through my "jackety-shawls" without snagging the silk. Most of the pins were made for knitted shawls and had blunt ends. While shopping at one of the big "box stores" I got an idea for making my own shawl clips. They won't work for every application but they are the answer that I had been looking for, and now I have decided to have a contest for anyone who wants to participate.

First let me show you what I am talking about. This is one of my jacket-shawls with my clip on it. The clip allows the wearer to adjust the shawl to be worn in many different ways, as a cowl neck, gathered in front, off to the side, etc.

Now for the contest.
If you are interested, just let me know on this blog. Those of you who check in please share this as I have to have at least 6 contestants to do this.
I will then mail you the bare clip and you will decorate it. You will take 3 pictures of it and post them to me. I will only have your pictures to judge by so make them good, only 3 pictures. The most creative and most wearable clip will be the winner. That is only one winner, creative and wearable. I will try each one on my shawls, assuming I get contestants.
Please share this information.

The prize will be a jackety-shawl and 10 clips that you can play with all you want. The 10 clips part is only if you want them.

Here are a few more examples.

I love contests and I hope that you do too. Hugs.


  1. Count me in, I too like a challenge. You have already made some interesting looking clasps.

  2. I think that I already have your address, let me check. I'll get back to you. Spread the word and many thanks for joining the fun. Love and Hugs

  3. I'd love to enter in please. It sounds like a great challenge and the chance to win one of your shawls is just so generous.

  4. I love your new header with your GD posing in your gorgeous wearables. What a great idea for creating your own clips, the ones you are showing are beautiful works of art all on their own. I'm not going to join your contest, I regret that I am too busy with other things right now to join anything. but I will watch your blog and see what others come up with! Good luck everyone!

  5. Hi Cameron. Jan sent me over and I'm glad she did. You are very creative and make gorgeous shawls and more. I would love to take part in your contest. I think it would be fun and how exciting it would be to win one of your wearable works of art!!! I already have an idea in mind for the clip.
    ♥ audrey

  6. Great that makes 3 entrants so far. Talk it up.

  7. Just found you through Jan. You make such lovely stuff. I would love to decorate a pin but live in the UK - can I still be included. I quite understand if you don't want to send overseas.

  8. I'd also like to take a try at this. Love your
    shawls! I found you through Jan, too. Patty

  9. Maggi, Yes UK is great and Patty, wonderful also. Now I need for all of you to go to to email me your addresses so that I can send you the pins. They are actually a small clamp. We only need one more person, but we can get started now. Hugs, Cameron

  10. love to enter and i'll send you my adress.
    thanks for the note on my blog, as i just returned from holiday, i wouldn't read it.
    love riet:)

  11. Riet, So happy that you joined us. Hugs your way. I will be sending out the pins/clamps on Monday for folks whose addresses I have. Cameron

  12. Cool am i too late to join in ??.......x

  13. looking forward! hugs to you too:)

  14. Hi Cameron.
    I finished my clip just in time before I had to leave on a trip to Ohio for a week. I emailed the 3 photos to you and I will hold my breath waiting to hear news of the winner.
    I've named my clip "Sea Treasures" and tried to make it have the feel of the sea. This was such fun, Cameron. I am eager to see the creative clips done by others.