Monday, December 5, 2011

Scarves, A Coat, and The Clay Ball

Many thanks to my Blogger Buddies for all the support and kindnesses that you have extended to me during these difficult times. I really appreciate you!!!

You have probably guessed by now that I have given up on the idea of a contest for now. This is just too busy a time of year for most of us and I think that my idea was too "spur of the moment" and brought about by my grief. I will think of another contest after the holidays. It will be one that is a little more "sane" and a little easier to do. I do like to do participation types of contests.

Lately, I have been working on getting myself excited about projects again. I have started with
felting, making fabric for a dress for the next "Clay Ball." I have also made 9 scarves for my sister for her staff for Christmas presents. The 3 above are some of them. They are nuno, light weight, for evenings in LA. My sisters are some of my greatest supporters.

I have also been working on making a very red coat. It has been so fun. It reminds me of something that a flapper would wear during the 1920s. I usually make things by feel, not using a pattern, and that is how this was made. You might say, "Yes, that's how it looks." Oh well, I like it.

I made it with my vintage black lace (surprise) merino wool, and inlaid silk.

I want to go to the Clay Ball again this year, and I already have my donations ready. Now all I have to do is to have them accepted. Last year I got into the Live Auction, the first piece of wearable art to ever be accepted. This year I have to live up to that, we'll see.  At any rate I am giving two pieces to the auction, a coat, not this one, a prettier one, and a jacket.

And then there is the garment that I am going to wear, I think. I have felted maroon felt over some black lace to make a top, a skirt and a cape. The top is to the left, and the detail of the cape is to the right. You are looking at a side view of the top, at the sleeve. It has lace over netting with beads sewn on, and a lace cuff and collar. The garment is vintage looking. I say I think that I will wear it because it is warm and I will have to see what the temperature is like the day of the Clay Ball.

Again thanks you lovely bloggers. Love and hugs to all. Love to hear from you. Sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you about the contest.


  1. I hear that you are felting "little bit" again. and what you are making is BEAUtiful!! hugzz...peebee

  2. oh darling cameron, i mist your last blog
    and am so sorry about you loosing your dad.
    you know after 14 years, i miss my dad still, no pain, but just missing (and i think it's good to miss your parents when they are gone)
    lts of love, riet:)

  3. I was thinking about you today and wondered how you were. So good to read that you are being very creative. Good luck with all the projects you are working on.


  4. That is the most touching photograph of your Mom and Dad. I so wish I had photos like that of my Dad but he did not like being photographed so you had to catch him when he was unaware. I miss him still too. It has been 17 year for me. It is a good thing though because it means you had the best parents you could have asked for.

    Love all the new projects. I am happy to see you are back at it. No apologies needed. Life takes us away for the norm from time to time.
    Hope you are feeling well as well as your Hubby. and close to a full recovery.

  5. Glad you feel up to felting again and it looks like you have been going at it full bore, not just playing. Hope you are doing all right, the holidays are a rough time especially after you have lost a dear one.
    Be well.