Monday, June 27, 2011

Contestants, Possible Helps, Possible Extension

I am so pleased with the response I have had to this contest. What fun! And now, I want to share a few tips that I learned along the way while making these pins.

At first I used a paint that is used to cover outdoor metal furniture to protect it from rust and I also primed it. I sprayed both primer and the covering black paint on the clip and ended up with a mess. I used my sanding bit to try to clean them up and gummed it all up. Then I used a touch up paint to paint in the spots that were unpainted. They still looked a mess. I then added more misery to the situation by using a glue that dries and shows .  The tube below is the first glue I tried, didn't work well for this project. Also, when using glass, I needed to rough up the glass back to get any glue to stick.

The second glue that I used didn't work either. By this time I was making the paint look better by using my rub and buff paints to add some metallic appeal. The process was frustrating but also fun experimentation as is all creativity. I also started using a better black paint. This one had better coverage and I didn't use a primer.

I hope that my sharing doesn't scare anyone away as it has been fun. I will share a few more of my pins/clamps with you.

As I have mentioned earlier this is a fun contest, designed for sharing ideas. Since most of the contestants live in Europe, I may have to extend the timeline. We will deal with that later, but be aware that I am willing if the need arises. I will be sharing more, and hope that once you get your pins you will share. I still have not found a glue that I like. If anyone out there has an idea please share.

Talk soon, Hugs, Cameron

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Contest Is On And More Are Invited

The contest is a GO!! However, if you haven't entered there is still plenty of time. The deadline for the 3 pictures is July 31, midnight. (How is that for official.)

Remember, I need your address to send you the pin/clamp. If you haven't sent  me your address on my email, I don't have it. (I would never share your address or use it for any other purpose, so please do not worry about that. I have no interest in selling anything.)

This is a strictly for fun contest to be enjoyed by all.
Many hugs, Cameron

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Contest

I spent a lot of time looking for shawl pins that would go through my "jackety-shawls" without snagging the silk. Most of the pins were made for knitted shawls and had blunt ends. While shopping at one of the big "box stores" I got an idea for making my own shawl clips. They won't work for every application but they are the answer that I had been looking for, and now I have decided to have a contest for anyone who wants to participate.

First let me show you what I am talking about. This is one of my jacket-shawls with my clip on it. The clip allows the wearer to adjust the shawl to be worn in many different ways, as a cowl neck, gathered in front, off to the side, etc.

Now for the contest.
If you are interested, just let me know on this blog. Those of you who check in please share this as I have to have at least 6 contestants to do this.
I will then mail you the bare clip and you will decorate it. You will take 3 pictures of it and post them to me. I will only have your pictures to judge by so make them good, only 3 pictures. The most creative and most wearable clip will be the winner. That is only one winner, creative and wearable. I will try each one on my shawls, assuming I get contestants.
Please share this information.

The prize will be a jackety-shawl and 10 clips that you can play with all you want. The 10 clips part is only if you want them.

Here are a few more examples.

I love contests and I hope that you do too. Hugs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Silk, Wool, and Vintage Lace Combine As Wearable Art

A preview of some wearable art for the Salem Art Fair.

A vintage lace and wool shawl
inlaid with silk.

A coat with wool laminated over black chiffon ,
inlaid with silk.

A silk and light weight wool scarf.

A small light weight top , silk and merino wool.
A light weight jacket made of
silk and wool and decorated with
vintage lace.