Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knowing When to Stop

I have two wonderful cats, Sissy and Boots, very original names. Sissy is very chubby because she doesn't know when to stop eating. She actually has psychological problems, an anxiety eating disorder. Evidently that's a problem when you are the sister of a dominant female sister and you are afraid you won't get enough to eat. (So what's my excuse? I am the older sister!) Anyway, Sissy is my buddy. She hangs out with me and thinks that she helps. Either that or I think that I am helping her. It all works out.

Sissy and I are a lot alike in that I don't know when to stop either. I find myself overeating, overspending, and where do you stop when putting yarn on a felted scarf or poncho or whatever??? What is the limit??? For example is this enough? I put the great reds and yellows together in the felts, and then added this great yarn and ribbon. But was that enough? Should I stop there when I still had so many other choices???
How about yarn/ribbon and some great design made by my sewing machine with beautiful embroidery thread? Does that do it, is that enough? When do I overdo it to the point that it isn't attractive anymore? Yes, I know to some folks the colors would be too garish to begin with, too bright, way too colorful, not tasteful. As I get older, I don't care, color is beautiful. But do I know when to stop?
I guess if we are talking about Sissy, it's time for her to stop the over eating now and for me to make an appointment with her vet. (Poor Sis.) As for me, not the vet., but same idea as far as the eating goes.

How about now? Have I gone too far? For some people, of course I have, but for those who like to be "out there" this is just right.Where do you stop when you are having the most fun you have ever had with felting? Maybe, when you run out of imbellishments, or someone says," I like it now the way it is, I'll take it."


  1. Love the out there scarf! I've tried wet & dry felting & think the results are fantastic, but hard work on the joints! I'm more of a stick down painted papers sort of person, but with all those interesting sites to visit on your blog roll (I haven't got round to making mine yet) that may change :)

    I guess knowing when to stop is a feeling, your feeling. Stop 'early' on one piece & go further on the next. You might like both!

  2. Hi Cameron

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I hope you'll pop back again soon.

    What amazing work you do!


  3. Hi Cameron

    Thanks for your lovely comments again ;o)) What a shame you're so far away!! Have you looked at Tamsyn's blogs - From Rags to Stitches and Confessions of a Buttonholic. They're both on my sidebar and lead you to her physical shop website, too. She runs numerous workshops including needlefelt, crochet (and does some amazing freeform crochet), buttons etc. Have a look - she might be your sort of person!

    My birthdays will all begin with a 6 this month!

    Sue x