Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes Husbands Are "Keepers"

Yesterday as I was working in my well organized craft room, not doing laundry, or cleaning the house, or cooking dinner, or anything else that needed doing, my husband went out and picked me a bouquet of flowers and put them in a vase on the dining room table. Is he the best, or what? He did not like it when I bought "Big Red," said that she over- powered the room, etc., etc., etc. We argued, I put her together, as she is mine, and the room is my craft room, and she has made all the difference to me. The flowers are one of his little ways of saying that maybe, just maybe, he should have left my room up to me. Aren't husbands just the most interesting and wonderful people? Mine is.

So what have I accomplished in my now more organized room? Well recently I have made a jacket, two tunic type tops, a scarf and a ??? For the last one someone will have to tell me. I made the jacket out of some wonderful soft silks, a pattern on the arms and dark purple and plum in the body. The roving is so soft that I want to cuddle up in this jacket, and the colors are much prettier than the picture shows.
I made two tunic tops, but one sold before I could get a picture of it. It was the same pattern as the one pictured, but the colors were blues and coppers, my favorites. (One of my wishes is that I had a tall thin person to model my clothing so that it looked better in pictures. Oh well, I make my clothes for me, and thin passed me by a while ago. To get near thin takes so much work and will power. So far I haven't seemed to find either of those illusive, wonderful traits.) 

I also made a deep purple and white scarf with white lace. It turned out pretty well, anyway I like it. The purple is a dark silk chiffon, and the contrast with the white is very nice.

Now the mystery garment. My husband, whom I was bragging about moments ago, said that it looked like something one would wear in the kitchen. What do you think? It is hanging on "Big Red." It isn't quite finished, but almost, and yes it is supposed to be higher in the front than in the back. No mistake. I wanted to make something with greens, something different, but something I could wear! Would you wear this?


  1. Yes, why not? With trousers or tights perhaps - I can't really evaluate its length.

  2. Well that would have to be some kitchen to wear this in!!!! I love it and can see it with a cool pair of leggings. I am still in awe of your garments.

    I am also a huge fan of Big Red. Red is one of my favorite colors anyway and this looks like a great piece to keep for your very own.

  3.'s super. Your garment and your big red.
    Husbands must adept for a time and sometimes if others say beautiful...they take a good look and yesssssss

  4. Yes! your garments all look great & very wearable - not in the kitchen either.
    Well done on your organised studio, I'm envious.
    Thanks for visiting my blog & your comment.