Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here's To "Big Red"

Several weeks ago I wrote about my workroom and posted one of these pictures on my blog. I told you about the mess I had and how little storage I had available other than the tubs that you can see in the background. Well I ordered a large glass doored piece of furniture from Ikea, and I put it together by myself. It came in three very heavy boxes which I had to shuffle around because my problem is, of course, space. It took me a while to figure out which little nails went where, and which holes were for the dowels. But the directions are pretty easy once you get the hang of them. Anyway you can now see "Big Red," my special name for my new wonderful storage cabinet.
It now amazes me that I was able to get anything done in my room the way it was. Having an organized space always feels so much better to me, even if I am just pretending to be organized, which I am. But my space does look and feel a whole lot nicer. Doesn't it???


  1. I thought I was a fabric hoarder, but I am not sure now. It is great to get things sorted out. I need to do some more myself. Enjoy the extra space and calmness you have created.

  2. I love big red! It's fun to go through everything and fit it into a new storage place.

  3. Hi,Cameron...saw your post on Jan's (my friend) blog (Laughing Dog Arts), saw you're were in Oregon, and thought I'd come take a peek. Your BIG RED looks like a wonderful storage unit. I have a wonderful work area that I call my studio. It is large and spacious, but I can never even walk through it, let alone work there, because it is always cluttered ( horrendous MESS!). Jan has helped me clean it up and get organized TWICE, and it is messy (really, really REALLY) again. (sigh) It's seems a hopeless case, for ME. Hopefully, you will be able to keep your space organized and working well for you! Gotta go look some more through your felting projects. SO NEAT!!!