Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing With Fibers

Playing with closures

Wool batting with silk lap and
 more fun closures
Wool batting with burnout silk
on the sleeves

Turquoise silk lap

I have been playing with different styles of scarves and a few vests using odds and ends of materials that I have had on hand for a while. This is the first time that I have used a large amount of wool batting, and it's amazing how much faster the felting process goes. Silk fibers and wool locks seem to adhere and blend into it very nicely.

 I have also just used some silk lap that I purchased some time ago. It was difficult to find a source, but I finally found a good one. Silk lap gives a garment a beautiful sheen and wonderful texture. The only drawback is that if your hands are rough the silk sticks to them like crazy.

The centipede looking scarves look funny in the pictures, but are actually quite attractive on. As can be seen,
some of my scarves would also make good table runners.

Centipede scarf

I should be finishing up all of the things that I am taking to the fair, but I just can't seem to stop making more new things. And now after talking about this fair so much, it will be very embarrassing if I don't sell anything. No matter what, this will be an adventure, lots of fun. The fair is only a week away now, I am excited.

Wool batting with silk

When the fair is over I am going to have another drawing. This time I will have some of my own things in the drawing as well as a couple of the lace dresses. Look for this the week of October 11. Hugs...


  1. Cameron, you are exploding with beautiful garments! Those two vests are fantastic! I am in love with them! I would love to see that centipede scarf modeled. It looks so unusual. Keep going you are definitely on a creative high!

    Do not worry about the will do amazingly well I just know it.

  2. These all look fabulous! I especially like the one with burn out silk sleeves. Good luck with the fair, where is it? Hope you sell out the first day.

  3. Beautiful jackets and scarves. I really like the purple and lime green one. Good luck at the fair I am sure you will do really well.

  4. Thank you for your votes of confidence. Hugs to all.

  5. I am SO impressed with these latest garments of yours!! Wow! I know that you will be the star of the fair with these for sure.
    I wish you were closer. Your garment confidence is what I'm still lacking. Hugs--

  6. Hi Cameron, Thanks you for dropping into my blogs. I have just scrolled through all your lovely colourful creations...what a delight. I think your work will attract a lot of interest at the fair. All the best.

    Cheers Joan

  7. sorry Cameron, I'm a little bit low (down) lately and it takes me so much energy to even open the computer. Also I'm in the revalidation center again for my bad back. I write some posts and answer the comments that's all. I'm sorry because that's not my way of blogging but for now a must.
    Your felt and experiments are so good. I like to read about your explorations and the using bats and your aah's and ooh's about the eating up the silk....your are learning a lot and the good way!
    By exploration and not by copy others stuff..that's what I like about your work!