Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Beautiful Boutique, And a Barbershop Quartet

Last night I had a sale of my felted apparel at a beautiful little boutique, Ma Valise, owned by Janet. My friend Tass came to model my vests, jackets and scarves, and she did a fantastic job!!! She is very outgoing, and had purchased some great outfits from the store that Monday to wear with my apparel. She turned out to be my best customer.

 Before the first customers came in we were serenaded by a barber shop quartet. They were very good, and sang a song for us that they sang to get into the Nationals.

Janet had set up a wonderful spot for me as her quest artist with two racks for clothing, a couch, and table. Her shop is charming, and already dressed up for the holidays.

 My husband planned a real treat for me. He had called my daughter and granddaughter and told them about the event. I was so tickled when they walked into the store. They both have school and work the next day and live in another city down the freeway, so I didn't expect them. What a treat!!! And, of course, I had to take advantage of my granddaughter's presence by getting a picture of her in one of my garments.
Thank you girls and Hubby.

It was so wonderful of Janet to give me an opportunity to meet more people and to give my work more exposure. She is very supportive of local artists and has given me many good ideas. She is also a fun person to be with, a very quality person. Thank you Janet. And thank you Tass for modeling for me.

What a fun evening!!!


  1. I am thrilled for you! What an ego boost this must have been, and so fun to have your family there with you, all full of pride for you. I looked up this place and now I know it is in Salem so maybe I will get there some day. My parents live in Salem. Who is in the first photo, your friend Tass or the shop owner, Janet? Looks like a fabulous place and how flattering to have your work showcased like that!

  2. Thanks Jan, it is as great place to shop. Tass is in the first photo.

  3. How wonderful to share this special evening with your family, Cameron. The shop and your clothes look amazing!

  4. Looks as if you all had a great evening and the displays in the shop look so inviting. Great to have your family share in your special evening.

  5. Cameron--I can't believe that your granddaughter is look too young to have one that age!!
    It's so wonderful to hear of this kind of success with your beautiful work. The displays are great and I hope you are allowing yourself to feel really proud about this major accomplishment! XXO-