Thursday, November 11, 2010

Small Critters and Designer Purses

 My sister loves designer purses, but she never pays the full price for them. She lives in L.A. where she can access a great store that sells them for good prices. Every time I see her she has a great looking bag. So here's my story...

I love to watch "Live Auctions," especially when there are vintage things for sale. I couldn't believe it when I saw this Fendi purse for sale. It wasn't the name at all that attracted me. Sure it's a great brand name, but what I couldn't believe was that the purse was made of frog skin. What a perfect gift for my sister. Yes, it is a joke, and no, I am not mean. What a conversation piece for a woman who loves designer purses!

My husband doesn't believe that it is frog skin, but it is. You can see the
bumps of the frog, just look. Also, you can't lie about something like
this in an auction.

I also got a snake skin purse and a lizard purse. Normally, I don't buy things like this that are little animal hides, but I justified it to myself by saying that they were "vintage." I don't think that this made much difference to the critters, but they were long dead.


I do plan on using the purses, so I guess that makes it a little better. I hope that my sister likes hers.


  1. oh what a creepy story! i got hte shivvers all over my back.
    Good luck and good use, riet:)