Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Kid In School

Have you ever been the new kid in the class after all of the other students have
known each other for a long time. It can be a very lonely experience. I
experienced this five times
during my own elementary school years, but this is small potatoes compared to what some kids go through today. Many foster kids have experienced starting a new school every month, though as educators become more aware of this, the trend is changing to meet the needs of the kids-I hope.  I will never forget my eighth grade class. For one thing, we still meet about once a year. This class was in a parochial elementary school building, and the classroom housed about 45 children of all sizes. What a group we were, and how I felt for our poor teachers. I remember being the new girl arriving on the first day, unknown to all of the other students who had been together since the early grades. The girls were quite short and I had gained my 5'7" already, tall for the time. They made me feel welcome, unlike some of my other "new kid" experiences.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well blogging is a lot like being the new kid in school. And establishing yourself in a new area of art is a lot like being the new kid. It's hard to get people to notice you, to reach out and welcome you. We are all so busy. So imagine my surprise when I got a return email from a wonderful woman who got back to me with some answers to questions. I was asking questions about Nuno Felting, and had put some feelers out on a couple of blogs. I am new to blogging so I really didn't know what I was doing. I had also asked about available classes. I found out that Chrissie was the woman who was answering my questions, first helping  
me with something as simple as my blog address. Next she gave me advice on the kind of silk to get for Nuno felting, and some little tips about getting onto to become better known. She was absolutely full of encouragement. I know that she knew that she was talking to a rookie, but she was taking the time, and it was great. The next thing that Chrissie did was to suggest some good felting books and articles. This was all happening over a couple of days, back and forth. The next thing was even more amazing to me. She found a person who lives near me who teaches felting- Patricia Sparks. Patricia Sparks who has been working in the arts since 1970, written books, taught classes, won awards, I could go on and on, but go to her site( and read her resume.  

And who is Chrissie. Why Chrissie is Chrissie Day, artist, author, teacher, etc., and she was writing to me from the U.K. (I live in Oregon.) She is author of Wire Jewelry: Crocheted, Knitted, Twisted and Beaded, Socks (Cozy), Felt Style, Hot-Water Bottle Covers (Cozy), and Quick Crochet: 35 Fast, Fun Projects to Make a Weekend. I went on Amazon and got the last copy of Felt Style that they had. Chrissie has taught classes, she has been all over the world, has been at her art, and been excellent at her arts for years. Why did she take the time to email me? I don't know, and I don't care, I'm just so happy that she did. Thank you, Chrissie for taking time for the new kid.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knowing When to Stop

I have two wonderful cats, Sissy and Boots, very original names. Sissy is very chubby because she doesn't know when to stop eating. She actually has psychological problems, an anxiety eating disorder. Evidently that's a problem when you are the sister of a dominant female sister and you are afraid you won't get enough to eat. (So what's my excuse? I am the older sister!) Anyway, Sissy is my buddy. She hangs out with me and thinks that she helps. Either that or I think that I am helping her. It all works out.

Sissy and I are a lot alike in that I don't know when to stop either. I find myself overeating, overspending, and where do you stop when putting yarn on a felted scarf or poncho or whatever??? What is the limit??? For example is this enough? I put the great reds and yellows together in the felts, and then added this great yarn and ribbon. But was that enough? Should I stop there when I still had so many other choices???
How about yarn/ribbon and some great design made by my sewing machine with beautiful embroidery thread? Does that do it, is that enough? When do I overdo it to the point that it isn't attractive anymore? Yes, I know to some folks the colors would be too garish to begin with, too bright, way too colorful, not tasteful. As I get older, I don't care, color is beautiful. But do I know when to stop?
I guess if we are talking about Sissy, it's time for her to stop the over eating now and for me to make an appointment with her vet. (Poor Sis.) As for me, not the vet., but same idea as far as the eating goes.

How about now? Have I gone too far? For some people, of course I have, but for those who like to be "out there" this is just right.Where do you stop when you are having the most fun you have ever had with felting? Maybe, when you run out of imbellishments, or someone says," I like it now the way it is, I'll take it."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom's Birthday

Two weeks ago we celebrated my mother's 88 birthday. My sisters came from LA as they have done for several years now, and we took my mother to the Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon as we have done for, again, several years. We "girls" all stay with Mom and Dad, in the house that they have lived in since 1960. Does anyone do that anymore?  Every year my mother says that she doesn't want us to buy her anything, that she doesn't need anything, that we spend too much money to get to Portland as it is, etc., etc.,etc... We ignore her, weasel out of her what she wants, get it for her, and buy a bunch of stuff for ourselves that we "catch and release." (For those of you who don't practice this, it means buy tons of stuff, suffer quilt for spending too much money and take it back. You have to shop in stores that will let you do this.) During this wonderful sister/mother time, there is catching up, laughter, upsets, old jealousies, making up, great meals, and that's just the morning.

As I get older, I so value the relationships that I have with my sisters and mother. They have riches that I can never begin to thank them for.  My mother's birthday was a fun time, but as she gets older it is also a reminder that she is becoming more forgetful, and little more frail.  And as my mother gets older, saddly I have to prepare myself for her eventual death. It will be very hard, but my sisters will be there to remember and to cry with me.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I had a great movie of fireworks going off but I couldn't load it, so I did the next best thing and downloaded these great pictures that I took of fireworks. They have experienced a bit of play in Photoshop Elements, even though I haven't really gotten off the ground with the program. Well, enjoy anyway.
As I mentioned yesterday in my bit of a blog, I am looking for some felting help. Feel free to talk even if you are not a felter, I have many other interests. Enjoy the fireworks. I hope that your days bring such color and joy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cameron's Creations

Venice and felting are a lot alike in that they are all about color, texture, smell, and agelessness.
I have never blogged before in my life, but it seems to me that there is no one purpose for it. I can either share thoughts with folks, actually communicate with someone (which seems fairly novel) or try to sell something. I think that I will probably do all of these things. What  I will not do is bore you with negative rants at the universe.
I am interested in many arts and crafts, but my love is wet felting. It is a new form of fiber art for me, but I find that the colors and textures are what I have been looking for. Now I need to find people and classes to teach me more. That is why I have found this site, and decided to blog with you. I hope also that there are some things that I can offer. Please let me know about any classes or individual teachers who are willing to take on a wet felting student. Waiting to hear, and share. Cameron