Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun With Photos

If you haven't yet taken Kim Klassen's classes on Photoshop Elements, Layering, Textures, etc, I highly recommend them. I read about them from another blogger friend and found them to be very inexpensive and highly informative.  Today I played around with a few of my pictures of my great niece and some old childhood pictures of my mother. I still have many things to review about layering, but I have learned so much from Kim. Before her classes I just couldn't get it.

 In this picture I overlaid a picture of my mother on top of a current one of my great niece. The old one already had sepia tones so I didn't add any more texturing. I need to go back and relearn how to remove the bright dress from the babies face. That will come.

In the second picture you can see my mother's doll also, and again the sepia tones. Thanks to Kim, I am now using a photo program that I have had for several years. Thanks Kim.


  1. well, a great work of showing how much they look like each other:)

  2. I think these work really well Cameron. They are very atmospheric and I particularly like the second picture. Glad you're having fun with Kim's class. x