Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Generation To the Next

Last weekend we celebrated my mother's 89 birthday. My two sisters came from LA, and we did our traditional shopping and lunch trip. We love getting Mom a nice present, though she fights us the whole time. This time we got her a nice down jacket and she looks great in it. As she is often chilly, this should keep her nice and warm when she goes out. Mom says that she loves it when she sees her girls together enjoying each other so much. These are moments that we treasure as Mom gets older.

Mom is now 89 and Dad is 88, just 7 months apart in age. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend since the fourth grade, and now married for 67 years. This kind of commitment doesn't seem to happen anymore. Their life raising 7 children hasn't been easy, but whose is?

We had a big party for Mom and fixed lasagna with all the trimmings. My sister's daughter came from Seattle with the youngest member of the family. She will be a year old in March. She is so beautiful, and is now crawling everywhere.

With my mother turning 89 and my great niece almost 1 year old, I am witnessing two ends of a wonderful generational spectrum in our family. How did I get so old?


  1. lovely story! good to hear the celebrating of a 89th birthday, it's as special as the 90th and all the ones that follow:)

  2. I know just how you feel. I sat at Christmas lunch with my demented mother 88 years old, husband, kids and one year old grandchild.

  3. A very Happy Birthday, somewhat belated, to your lovely mother. What an amazing number of years to be married! Your great niece is beautiful. xx

  4. Thank you blogger buddies for your wonderful comments. Always appreciated. Many hugs your way