Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can't Wait

As it draws closer to the end of this month I grow more excited to show the results of this more than month long contest to make a shawl pin/clamp. The results so far are fantastic. The artists have put this blogger to shame. What creativity!!!

 I have decided to have 3 of my artist friends do the judging as "blind judges," and to pull myself out of that role. I will just be the one to give away the prize.  If that sounds like a "cop out", I am doing it because I have blogged with some of the artists far longer than others and I don't want any feelings to get in the way. My friends will never know anything about anyone, just see the pin. Remember the criterion are creativity and wear-ability.

I have heard from many of the contestants that they have had a lot of fun with this. I have had a blast.

Love and hugs to all, and get those pictures in, right up to the last minute.
Many, many hugs, Cameron

1 comment:

  1. Those pins turned out wonderfully. I wish I had had the time to join in.

    Hugs to you Cameron!