Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Fair and New Friends

Picture by Reathel Geary
I had so much fun at the Salem Art Fair, met wonderful people and sold several of my garments. I have no real comparison for whether or not I did "well" monetarily, but I am happy with the results. I learned a lot about what I would do the same to set up my tent space and what I would change, because we are going to do this again at several stops in Oregon.

Picture by Reathel Geary
Picture by Reathel Geary
My fellow emerging artist was next door, a photographer named Reathel Geary. He took many of the photos that I will show you here on my blog. The one in the left upper corner is his, and he got this result using his iPhone. The next two are also great shots of women in my garments, one the artist on the other side of me, the curly headed one, my niece. I think that Reathel is going to make a name for himself in the world of photography, as you can see. Marcia, on the left is a painter. I now have one of her paintings, what a beauty.

Good ol' Oregon. On Sunday it started raining seriously and my tent started dripping. Even the more expensive tents were having a few issues. Instead of that open, inviting look that you want to draw people in, everything was crammed into the tent to keep in out of the rain. Then the drips got it, I mean the rain drips, there were no people drips. I didn't need to worry about having enough room as there weren't any people around anyway. This picture shows how my tent looked for most of the morning.

A woman came in with her friend and her silly brother. The brother tried on one of my capes and said that I could take his picture for my blog. As you can see he was very dramatic. I think that he is destined for Hollywood. His sister came back 3 more time and on the fourth time purchased a jackety-shawl.
Also on the last day a woman came in who turned out to be a fellow felter. We started talking and she showed me some of the great characters that she creates out of felt and other media. Her name is Claudia Knous and she can be found on a site called She also makes scarves that are wonderful. As we talked I found out that she had just ridden in a bicycle race that my sister in law usually rides in, and yes out of all the people who ride in the race, she knew my sister in law and my brother. She had given my sister in law, Paula, a scarf tthat  Paula had then given to me. This was the scarf that had gotten me started felting, and this was the woman who had made that scarf.dhamatic. R

How likely was it that this woman would come from a bicycle race in Portland, 45 miles away, on a rainy Sunday and visit my tent. She lives in Nevada. I can only think that "God, the universe, fate, etc." whatever you believe, has plans for all of us. I was thrilled to meet her, my inspiration, and I want to stay in touch.e

Enough for now about the fair.
I have 2 contest entries so far. I won't post anything until the end of the month. I hope that all is going well, let me know.
Thanks for all of your support. Love and hugs, Cameron


  1. In spite of the rain, it sounds like you had a great experience at the Art Fair. And it had to be fate that brought Claudia to your tent. Amazing. So happy for you that you met her and will now keep in touch.
    ♥ audrey

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I will get some pics over to you at the weekend of the clip design.

  3. Wow, serendipitous! The felting world is a small, intimate and wonderful one, isn't it?! XXO-

  4. great to meet new friends! your creations are wonderful:)
    i will send my clip on monday (thought i had time untill the 31th?)
    love, riet

  5. Despite the rain, you seem to have a great time and it is strange how connections happen in life.

    Clip part made, will get to it this week.

  6. I so wish that we had artists like you at the art and craft fairs over here. MInd you I would probably be bankrupt if we did. I love your work and am so glad that you were able to make good sales. Wonderful too that you were able to meet the person who inspired you to go down this path.

    Have just finished the clip so will be sending photos in the next few days. Why didn't I remember that alcohol inks are superb at colouring metal - too late now but have you tried them on your clips?

  7. Thank you again for the wonderful feedback everyone.
    Maggi, what brand names of alcohol inks do you use, I am interested.
    I am so looking forward to seeing the clips.
    I have decided to have three of my artsy friends, who do not know any of you, do the judging of the pins. That way the judging will be "blind" and very objective, as I have been blogging with some of you longer than others. I believe that I am fair, but this way there will be no question, as they will have no information about, they will just see pictures of your pins. I hope that this makes sense.
    Hugs and love, Cameron

  8. Cameron, at last I see why I missed your posts!
    You were in the wrong list of friends.
    I've changed that now but I'm not a daily blogger anymore.
    Having fun whith making the pin and hope you like it.

  9. Hi Cameron, I am amazed at how many garments you have finished to include in your show! What a wonderful selection! How are your wrists and hands doing after all that felting? Someone is going to be very lucky to win your giveaway. That is too bad about the weather for your show but sounds as though you had a good time anyway. Gotta love Oregon!
    That is quite amazing, that Claudia Knous showed up at your booth when she was your muse, influenced your beginning. So glad you got to meet her, that is a great photo of you two.