Saturday, September 3, 2011

Belated Thank Yous and Making Progress

First of all and very important, let me say a belated thank you to all my blogger buddies for your wonderful support during what is a difficult time, my husband, Gary's unexpected heart surgery. Thank you Jan for the beautiful heart pin, it has cheered my spirits. It is a real work of art.

 Gary is on the mend and doing well. It is hard to believe that he left the hospital two weeks ago. We start rehab. next week, 3 times a week.

While Gary was undergoing surgery, I escaped into my own world by beading my vintage flapper goodies onto a felt jacket that I was making for a woman for her son's wedding. This kept my mind off of worrying the whole time, which does no good at all (worrying.)  I will take a picture of her with her jacket and necklace on once she is all decked out. I made her necklace also.

Garden Lady by Cindy
An elf riding a turtle
A teapot
Before Gary realized that his heart was at risk, he and my son Bryan had torn out part of our deck and we had great plans to make a courtyard out of our backyard. Since going to Paris I have loved courtyards. Well, one doesn't carry sand, gravel and pavers after having major heart surgery, and we weren't going to hire anyone to carry out our plans. So this will have to wait until next year. I am going to have heart surgery also, we have known that since early May. Gary's was the surprise. How many couples do you know who have both had major heart surgery within a couple of months of each other? Crazy life...

In the meantime, I am enjoying our flowers. I have gotten into my own form of "garden art." I have gotten lots of metal things, figures, antigues, candle holders, old pottery, etc. and put it in with the flowers and let them grow up around the stuff. Come winter it will probably look like a junk yard, so I will gather it in and replant it next spring. Next spring will bring a lot of new things,

A torn up deck
A garden path
Where the hostas grow
An old oil can
Old metal shoes
Much love and many hugs for all of you,


  1. lots of love and strength during revalidation and later with your own operation, I'll think about you both:)

  2. Oh,, too?!?!? When is your surgery due to happen? You have exactly the right idea about worrying (does no good at all...wastes energy), but please let me know what I might do to help to get you ready to have your procedure done. I will certainly be thinking about you with love and care during the next few months! XXO-
    I love that you have made your garden into such a meditative little warren! :)

  3. Cameron, I didn't realize the beaded heart might be representing so much when I sent it. Sorry to hear that you need surgery too but I'm glad you are dealing with the worry in a good way. Glad your hubby is recovering well. The porch can wait. I have interesting bits in my garden too as art. I think it is fun.

  4. Thanks so much my friends. Your positive thoughts and warm wishes are much appreciated.

  5. Cameron,
    I am glad to hear that your husband is recovering well from his surgery. Keeping busy is just about the best thing one can do when worry starts to take over.
    I like your garden art a lot and I really love those metal shoes. They are wonderful!!
    I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Take care, Cameron.
    ♥ audrey

  6. Good to hear that your husband is making good progress. All other things can wait, what is important is the two of you and your family.
    Hope that when you have surgery it goes smoothly and that you make a good and quick recovery.

    Sending you a big hug! Take care.


  7. Good to hear that your husband is making progress. I do hope that yours goes as smoothly. What a year for you both.

  8. Soooo happy to hear your hubby is doing well. It takes time to heal and I would say a year is the perfect timing for the continuation of your project.

    I think you have a little bit of Paris in the garden path anyway. :)

    You two must be in the record books for heart issues all at the same time. At least Gary will know somewhat what you are feeling and going through. Tell him he has to get better fast so he can wait on you during your recovery! :)
    Hugs hugs hugs.