Friday, June 15, 2012

Button, Button Who Has the Button

Charter Oak

Little Red Riding Hood
 I have started a new hobby, the collection of sewing buttons. The problem is that the collection of these is very addicting and there are so many of them. This little hobby began when I bid on 2 pages of buttons that were being auctioned in an on line auction that I watched. I just happened to bid on and get them. I didn't know anything about old buttons and still don't know much, but I love the look of them, especially the old metal ones like these. Ever since then I have kept an eye out for buttons that I find to be of interest.
Mary Tudor

This can also be an expensive little hobby as I seem to go over my "button budget" very easily. And my budget does not have much room to spare these days. If you have any info on old buttons love to hear. For now,
Love and Hugs, Cameron



  1. I know nothing about old buttons but these are just gorgeous.

  2. Well it looks like you made a very good start. There is a lot to learn when collecting buttons. I discovered that when I bought some. I also learned that old plastic buttons give off gases so you want to keep them out and not in a jar or closed container. I can see the attraction with the exquisite designs that are out there to be found.

    When talking to people who are beginners to collecting buttons I tell them to get a good button book. It will be the best investment you make and will save you money in the long run.