Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trying New Things

 I saw an advertisement for a juried show called "Radius 25" and I decided to look into it. The theme was "Face to Face," and I knew just what I would do. I had been working on making faces for some time and had just been putting them away in a drawer. This allowed me a way to incorporate them into my felting and do a mixed media piece. I called it "Forces." I know why I called it that, but I don't want to have to explain myself to anyone else. It didn't make it into the Radius show, but they established a new show called "Interface" which it fit right into. I was very happy to get into any part of the show.

My own gallery, The Red Raven Gallery,, which I still haven't made my artist page for, also had a juried show on a much smaller scale. The theme was "Full Moon Rising" and we were to celebrate round. I made two felted wall hangings for this show and took the one on the left. (These aren't the greatest pictures as I took them while they lay over the back of my sofa.)

Dancing By the Light of the Moon

I was asked by a friend in another gallery to make some wall hangings with a summer theme, with leaves and flowers. I like simple and symbolic, so I came up with a few very colorful little pictures that I had fun with. The first was a girl running across a field with a bunch of balloons. Again I took the picture on the back of my sofa so it's a bit slanted.


The next wall hanging that I did is of a tree with leaves falling. It isn't quite finished, as I have to stitch around a few of the leaves yet. There is a small boy under the tree who is very sad and forgotten. He has a hoody pulled over him. This is called, "Forgotten." Again, the slanted sofa picture.Some day maybe I will come up with a way to take a decent picture.

I have one more picture that is almost finished, but each time that I think that it is ready, I do something else to it. It is already so thick that it may turn out to be a pillow instead of a wall hanging.

I bought a felting machine about a month ago and have had a great time playing with it. This is a piece that I made with it. It may or may not be finished. I love the colors. These machines are great, but as those of you know who have one, they can be very expensive it you try to hurry them or are not very careful when using them.

 Hey everyone, have a great day, week, etc. So good to hear from my good friends, and thanks for the good wishes for my Mom. She gets better each day, makes new friends, has new adventures. I just hope that if I get to be 90, I have half the spirit that she has. I am so blessed to have such a person to look up to.
Hugs, Cameron


  1. I'm loving your new work Cameron. I'm so pleased that your Mom is settled into her new life after such sadness. I am so sorry for the loss of your father, I think I must have missed your post about that. xx

  2. Cameron, where did this new you come from? I just love "Forces". That is an amazing piece and "Dancing by the Light of the Moon" is wonderful. I feel a lot of sorrow in "Forgotten" but joy in "Frolic". I could go on and on.
    Wonderful exciting work.

    So happy your Mom is still loving the changes she made in her life and I hope I too ma that strong at that age.

  3. I love the moon wallhangings. Congratulations to your mother in doing so well in this new phase of her life.