Monday, June 9, 2014


I have been an off and on blogger for a while and I left this site a while back after my father died. I am going to try to be a little more faithful. I was a member of an art gallery for 2 years and had a wonderful time with many great artists, but am now taking a break from that for a while. I need to spend more time with my 92 year old mother. She lives in Portland, Oregon which is about an hour away from me given the traffic.She relies on me to take her to doctors appointments and shopping. 

Mom lives in a great retirement home on the 15th floor, where she can see the mountains and the river flowing through the city, but she still calls the place, "the institution." At 92 she is still in good shape, goes places with me, and has a great sense of humor. I enjoy her company. I can tell from her pictures as a little girl that she was a character. There she is in that crazy old buggy.

Mom and her sister in a buggy.

When I left the art gallery I still had many felted garments. This shrug is one of them. It doesn't show very well, but it has fabric painted cheese cloth in it, and it looks great on.

This coat took forever to felt. The wool is beautiful. I'll have to take more pictures.It has inlaid silks throughout and several different wool's.

The two coats below have sold, but they are examples of garments that can be made in somewhat similar fashion. I never make anything the same again. It is too much fun to make different garments each time.

I am looking forward to visiting with some old friends again. I hope that some of them drop by to see me now that I am back.


  1. Good to have you back. It's good that you are spending time enjoying your mother's company.

  2. Welcome back to blogging from me too Cameron. I was sorry to read about your Dad and I know how much you must have felt the loss. Your Mom must be a great lady with an indomitable spirit and how right you are to spend time with her. My mum is still with us at 89 (in two weeks) and happily has not deteriorated too much with the dementia. She is more sleepy these days but can still share a laugh and a smile.

  3. Maggi and Julie, so good to hear from both of you dear friends. It is good to be back. My blog will just be little short bits of news to catch up with lots of pictures. Hope that's okay. Love you, Cameron

  4. Good to see you back Cameron. Look forward to seeing more of whatever you decide to create.