Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Garment That Hides The Flaws

 I began making this top about a year ago and my friend Helen was gracious enough to model it for me. She is a lovely, tall redhead and makes it look fantastic. This is a top that can make any of us look more thin, as I can attest. I have put on several pounds in the last few years and I can wear this without feeling uncomfortable.

The flow of the chiffon fabric gives it an ethereal look. The drop of the fabric on the one side causes the eye to notice to beauty of the arms, neck and shoulders of the wearer.

This is a very graceful garment that has been very popular with women in the gallery. It is also a lot of fun to wear. Though it is felted with a small amount of merino wool, it is very light weight and perfect for summer evenings.
It can be either sewn on the side or left entirely open with a blouse, or tights under it. The top is very versatile and lends itself to many different ways of dressing it up. It can be dressed up or down.

I would love to hear what you think.


  1. That is such a flattering garment and so well modelled.

  2. Thank you Maggi. I wear them myself and always feel so much better about how I look.