Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just When You Think You Can Get Back To Work On Your Art...

I hadn't posted anything for so long and I wanted so badly to catch up with my friends, but life always seems to have other plans. But my mother has been delivered more of a blow. 

Mom and I were having one of our ordinary days of doctors appointments, grocery shopping, and regular run of the mill adventures of missing freeway entrances and getting lost. I was getting ready to go home after getting her hearing aids fixed for the third time when we were getting out of my car and my mother tripped on the curb and fell. She had hold of my arm, but did a ballet move I hadn't seen before and fell on the sidewalk on her side. She smacked her head hard, and I had horrible visions of my mom dying in front of me.

Mom insisted that we not call an ambulance, but I would not  hear of it. At 92, or any age, you do not smack your head on the sidewalk and refuse to call an ambulance, especially when you think that you may have other injuries also. 

I won the argument, as I knew I would in that instance, and off to the emergency room we went. She had a broken wrist, and they did a CAT Scan. Luckily, no brain damage, or fractured skull. 

By the next Thursday, the fall was Friday of the week previous, she couldn't get our of bed as her back was hurting so badly. By the next Monday, it was July 4 weekend, we were in the doctor's office.

 After tests, we were surprised to find that Mom had very low oxygen, a high erratic heart rate, a fractured disk, COPD, etc. She was admitted to the hospital that Monday and now it is Thursday. She is still there. 

Tomorrow she will be released to go to a skilled nursing home where she will work on walking while on pain pills, and  breathing with oxygen and inhalers. She may not be able to return to her current residence.

What's my point? Live life to the fullest and be thankful for every moment of health that you have. Take care of yourself, and don't take health for granted. Watching Mom go through this is no fun. Take care of those you love and don't ever take them for granted!!!

If you have a queasy tummy, don't look at this picture, it hurts.

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  1. Oh dear, what a shocking experience for your mother. I'm glad that you were with her and able to get treatment for her. Any injury at that age has got to be potentially serious. I hope that, with the care she is now getting, she recovers quickly