Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Day

A while back I shared that I made this lovely blue nuno felt fabric and wasn't sure what to do with it. I had 4 long pieces and I am no seamstress. However, I didn't let that stop me. During the last week I have been making it into a jacket or shirt or something. The problem is that it has unplanned holes as nuno does where the black silk chiffon shows through and this looks a little funny in a jacket. But, oh well, if you are going to wear nuno silk fabric, you are going to be a little out there anyway.
I was interrupted in my endeavors by going to this fabulous Italian lunch in this great old historic house with a friend of mine. I had shut myself in my home for so long that I had forgotten how to get out and smell the flowers, so to speak. The company at the lunch was so enjoyable that I forgot all the projects waiting for me at home, at least for a little while. There was a Japanese lady there who was a fruit grower from an area many miles away. She had come to town to learn about alternatives to chemicals for pest management for her fruit trees, and her daughter had treated her to the lunch. My friends adopted her as she had no one else there that she currently knew.  Wouldn't you expect that she would sit next to a woman who had grown fruit trees. Another lady at the table came from the south of France. She told us a story about her grandmother and her pet pig. She intends to write a children's book about her pig. We all encouraged her. By the end of the lunch, we had all become friends. Life is so full of wonderful discoveries!
When I got home, I was recharged with energy for my own projects. I had stopped and enjoyed the  flowers both  literally, and the ones blooming at the table at which I sat.

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  1. Hi Cameron :) Thank you for your good wishes for my Mum and for following my blog. Our parents are such a worry aren't they? My Mum is usually so active and it is hard to see her struggling at the moment. She is at least open to accepting help at home if she needs it but she has a couple more weeks before she has to go home so my brother will help her decide whether she needs home care for a while. I am worrying so much at the moment and it probably doesn't help.

    I have enjoyed reading about your adventures with nuno felting. It is something I want to try too as I have enjoyed the few experiments I have had with feltmaking. Life is so busy at the minute that felting may have to wait a while. Your lunch sounds great fun and a good reminder to us to slow down and enjoy friendship.