Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sisterly Support

This is a table runner that my sister in-law purchased from me. As with many wonderful experiments in art, this project began as an accident. I threw the felt into the dryer to dry it faster and the end of it caught on itself, causing all kinds of interesting things to happen before I found it. I cut off the messiest parts and left the most interesting sculpture. I loved it. But if you try to do this on purpose, forget it, I tried, and the result looked nothing like the original. It was supposed to be a shawl, but my sister in-law purchased it as a table runner. I have to say that she had a great idea. It looks great as a table runner, much better than it would have as a shawl.
What would we do without the wonderful support of our families. My family applauds everything I do. Perhaps that spoils me, but I love it. I can't wait to show them my latest projects, and give them things that I have made. They also purchase items from me, allowing me to support my habits. After purchasing this table runner my sister in-law asked for another one and took me to several retailers pointing out the colors that she wanted in it. The colors that she chose are some of my favorites and it was hard to give this one to her, even for the agreed upon price. Oh well... She showed her table runners to a friend who got excited about them and wanted one made of greens, reds, and other earth tones. When I got back from my trip last Monday I started work on it. She is very excited to get it. I am hoping that when she sees  it she will be equally excited. I think that it turned out well. 

If I were making my living at this, I wouldn't be making my living. But happily I am retired and have the time to play, especially for family and friends. I make enough to pay for materials and that is all that I care about.  I am finally getting to feed my right brain, and it has been starving for years.


  1. I like the colour combinations you have used in the table runners especially the pink and orange one.
    Thank you for the kind comments that you left on my blog.

  2. Cameron,

    My sister has turned into a whirlwind creator of beauty. I like your ideas about nonsequential learning....a novel perspective I think. As I scroll down your blog I'm struck by all the vibrant colors...that's my sister! She's one vibrant character.

    Love you,