Monday, May 31, 2010

A Common Malady and An Old Hobby

This weekend we went over to Central Oregon to our little house in the mountains. The house sits at the base of a giant Ponderosa Pine Tree that is over 100 feet tall. If the tree ever decides to go over, the house is gone for sure, but the house has been there since 1938. We bought the little house 10 years ago, enjoyed it for many years, and now drive 3 hours one way to pick up pine cones, needles, mow the lawn, clean the house, etc. in order to turn around two days later and head back home. We still enjoy the little house, but not with the same fervor, and now have it up for sale. 

 This weekend I took a break from felting as I am suffering from a common felting malady, a very painful arm. The muscles needed a rest, so I decided to do some bead work, something that I hadn't done for quite some time. I have a number of fun beads left from when I used to sell jewelry. I just started putting favorite colors together, turquoise with coral, turquoise again with some amber, amber with some antique crystal beads, and everything together with a variety of different stone and glass beads. I made most of the pieces stretchy so that they would be easy and fun to wear. They are just to add color to any outfit that I decide to put on.
  There is very little color from flowers as yet up in these mountains. This year has been very cold and wet. I did, however, find one little early bloomer. This brave little beauty
was all alone in the rock garden in the front of the house. I planted it several years
ago and can't remember its name. The weekend was restful and much needed. It was good to revisit an old hobby and a great old house.


  1. awwwwwwwwwww soar arm..and pain in your heart for selling your little pinecottage.......your shirt below is suberpe and I understand where the pain comes from...


  2. Hi Cameron just popped in very quickly so I'll come back later for a proper look and answer your comment from my blog. Your plant is a Pulsatilla Vulgaris :o) Not sure how I know that but they are beautiful!

  3. Hope your arm has recovered. Lovely cottage in the trees, it must be very peaceful there. Glad the heart arrived and that you like it.