Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Which Way to Go, Which Way to Go

As an educator I worked with many children who struggled with attention problems, some very slight, some to the extent of being labeled  "attention deficit." That seems to be a problem that I also have to some extent these days. I can't seem to settle on one thing at a time, I skitter from one thing to the next, becoming a "dabbler"  rather than an artist. I have been working on nuno scarves, which I am still doing, but then I decided to incorporate felt into my fabric faces just to see what they would look like. I have not finished this one. It is only at the very first stage, but if anyone out there would like to give feedback, I would welcome it. I plan on working on it in stages and posting pictures. Tell me what you think, does it work? I will keep on with the scarves also as I have a long way to go. " Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and not knowing which was the better" I took both...later.

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  1. My dearest friend, Take a further look into the eyes and you will find a woman! Not a Man! She is frightened, anxiety ridden, and looking a bit lost. Help her to find the true woman she is! and she will change that expression to one of joy! Just try it. Hugs to a wonderful friend and artist.
    PS: If any of you had the chance to see Camerons faces up close you would see a true person who can see into your eyes and look at your soul.