Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally Flowers

This summer didn't start until the middle of July. Every time that I would start to get my flowers to plant in my lonely outdoor flower pots it would be very cold or it would be pouring rain. That happened over and over until I was almost ready to give up, almost... Then overnight, literally, no kidding, it went from 65 degrees to the mid 90s. It was unbelievable. Now it was way too hot to be outside doing any planting. The heat, 95 to 100,  lasted for 5 days. No way was I going to plant flowers in that. Then last weekend the hot spell broke and I raced to my local nursery. I was almost ready to take anything that would grow I was so ready. I was so ready that I spent way over my budget, but had a wonderful time brightening up the gardens after waiting for so long.

While I was waiting to plant flowers I continued with my obsession, felting. No matter how pretty it is outside, I have to spend some time making something out of felt. I have xontinued on with my new pattern and made several more of what I am calling " Jackety Shawls." They are so easy and fun to wear. You can just slip them on and take off to run errands. The colors are tons of fun, and they can be dressed up with wonderful silks, or be more casual. The red one above has burnout silk in it. The blue one above that is made on black silk chiffon, and the last one below is made with an iridescent rust colored silk. They are all beautiful in their own ways.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I've been lurking but just haven't felt like blogging as such. Hope to be back in the swing of it soon.

    I love your jackety shawls. So clever. I'd love to be able to/have time to learn felting but there just aren't enough hours in the day/year!!!


  2. Thanks Sue, I totally understand what you are saying. These "Jackety Shawls" are fun to make and allow for a lot of creative variety. I enjoyed your visit. Hugs

  3. Your felt work is fabulous, I wish I could see them irl. Keep up the good work! Do you live in Oregon also? because you have described our weather perfectly.