Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Lacy Dilemma

This weekend I went online to an auction and purchased 7 beautiful vintage dresses. They cost $10 and $20, which was a steal for all that fabric. I bought them for their lace, each one is covered with it. This is vintage lace, hard to come by and quite expensive, as my fellow bloggers well know.  The problem is that the dresses represent a part of history, and though they have a few rips and stains, they are in good shape. Now I am reluctant to take them apart.  That is my dilemma. I will have to wait to see what they actually look like when they get here, as they haven't shipped yet.


  1. Oooooh! These tiny photos are so tantalising but the dresses look fabulous! I think you're right to wait and see what they look like when they arrive and to check their historic importance. It would be wonderful to use some of that lace though!

  2. Looks like you have found yourself some great dresses and all that lace. It must be hard waiting for the parcels to arrive. I shall look forward to seeing what you discover once you have the dresses.

  3. I can definitely see your dilemna. I see this everyday. We sell antique pocketwatches and repair them Jewelry makers come in all the time asking for unrepairable ones to make into jewelry, but my husband is a purest and does not like to see that. Plus he uses those for parts to repair others since parts are hard to come by. Once we saw someone with a brooch made out of a very hard to find high quality watch movement.

    So....although this is very different, and since I can not see these well enough to judge, I cannot give you much advice right now. However I have taken antique quilts which are too damaged for repair and cut them up for pillows or small child sized quilts just to save a part of them for future days.
    It will all depend on what they are and how you feel about them when you see them.

    Not much help, I know!

  4. Thank you Julie, Sue and Barb. I appreciate your feedback and understanding. You are good "blogger buddies." Thanks