Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day and Little Charlie Rose

Last weekend was Mother's Day. My 2 sisters and 3 of 4 brothers came together to celebrate with my 88 year old mother. There were 5 of their children at my mothers home, and even 4 of the children's children were represented. We got to see the very youngest,  little 2 month old Charlie Rose. What a beautiful and loved little darling. She has moved into one of the best families in the world, and yes I am so very biased.

My sisters and I have a ritual with my mother, taking my mom  to Nordstroms for shopping and lunch. And we always want to buy Mom something special. We stop, look and try on shoes, check out the purses, and then hit the Bobbi Brown makeup. This time we tried so hard to buy Mom a wallet, as hers is old and looks terrible to us, but she would have none of it.

She said that if we did buy it she wouldn't use it, she already has a new one she doesn't use, and she really likes the one she has- so we passed. Who can argue with all of that?  When she says "no" with that look in her eyes, we know that she means it. She finally agreed to let us buy her a little makeup, and of course we had to have some too. The fun part is to have all of us standing around trying on different foundations, pencils, lotions, etc. while watching one of us have a makeover. This time it was Mom's turn. Her blue eyes look fantastic with just a touch of color. What fun for the three sisters, and for  Mom.
When Charlie is old enough to shop for such things as makeup, shoes, purses, etc. she will carry on the tradition. She won't have the sisters, but she will be surrounded by cousins and aunts who will spoil her and want to do things with her. She has a beautiful mother and grandmothers who will love her, take her shopping, do the "girl things", and the "boy things", and teach her what relationship is all about. It's not just the buying of things, but hanging out with people that you love, laughing, and storing up all the memories that you possibly can, because life is just too darn short for all of us. I treasure every Mother's Day that I can have.


  1. I see you gave your mom the book you made! She looks very pleased!

  2. Cameron, this looks sooooo similar to what we do with my Mom, although this year she was not able to do much. We are planning on making it up to her some time in the summer.

    I have 4 brothers & 4 sisters. Quite the gang.
    Mom is not going into her great grandma stage of life with 5 great grandsons so far.

    Loved reading this and your Mom is just a sweetheart and a trooper to go out for the day with you crazy ladies!