Friday, May 7, 2010

Okay, What Is It?

This is the largest article of clothing that I have made so far, and I haven't yet decided what it should be called. Is it a duster, a bathrobe, a choir robe, a wild coat, or...?  I haven't even decided whether or not to make any closures for it. There are things that I like about it and things that I do not. This is a real dilema.
 I made the first piece of nuno felt for this some time ago, but didn't get back to it until last week. I wanted to make something spectacular, but I just don't have the sewing or design skills, let alone the experience with felt making. I do like the fabric, both the way that it looks and the feel of it. I have combined two looks, one with lace and one without. The one without the lace adds an etherial feel to the garment. It billows and flows. (Etherial has become my favorite word.)  There is still far too much fabric in this piece of clothing, but I can't yet stand to cut any more out of it than I have already. I think that that is my biggest problem, it is far too big, too bulky, too much, and therefore, too hard to name. I'll have to come back to it after visiting my mother for Mother's Day and see if I have any enlightenment.


  1. Joseph's amazing coloured dream coat comes to mind. Enjoy visiting your Mother.

  2. Why not just try wrapping a big belt around and wearing it like a long top? or putting the odd dart or pleat in to shape it a bit? The colours look great.

  3. you were right about my feltpiece....wool silk but also leaves, feathers and other fibers like raffia ramie..
    nice you asked