Friday, May 28, 2010

Now, What To Do With It?

A few years ago I went to Paris knowing that I would go to the textile area and pick out fabric for my living room curtains. We hadn't as yet painted the living room, but I just had the colors in mind that I wanted. I had no idea how much fabric I would need, because I had not made curtains like these before, so when I got there I just bought what I thought was a lot of fabric. As it turned out, I just squeaked by with enough material and a little bit left over. Two weeks ago as we were getting ready to have carpet put in and we were moving everything out of closets, I came across the bit of left over curtain fabric. I had loved the fabric since first seeing it in the textile district, then again hanging as curtains in my windows, but now I saw it's potential as a felted garment. I especially loved the beautiful design in the fabric, which of course I didn't mess with. I had such fun making myself a great shirt out of the remnants of that great fabric. Now if someone could just tell me how to felt a bunch of carpet remnants.
As to the title of my post. I am getting such a collection of these garments that I am running out of room for them. Am I at a point where I could sell them, and if so where? How do you establish yourself in something like that? That's what my title is all about. 


  1. Well I for one, who has never attempted to make a garment, other than some dresses for my daughter when she was still the age of not being able to say no, am envious of your talent.
    These are so creative and just full of texture and color. Perhaps a boutique in your area that sells clothing or Etsy would be a good start?

    I would bet people would love them!

  2. Open up a shop on Etsy? or elsewhere. The jacket looks stunning!